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Race / Ethnicity of Teachers

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Information about students in DC is easily available, but information about the teachers is not. The following pages are designed to inform you about the demographic makeup of teachers within the District of Columbia.

Demographics by Race: DCPS & PCS

*Public Charter Schools are not required to report this information.


4,130 Total Teachers


2,660 Total Teachers

  • About 67% of public and charter school students are Black, but 52% of the teachers are [1].
  • About 19% of public and charter school students are Latinx, but about 7% of the teachers are [1].
  • Even though White students represent only 10% of public and charter school students, nearly 30% of teachers are White [1].

"Minority students often perform better on standardized tests, have improved attendance, and are suspended less frequently (which may suggest either different degrees of behavior or different treatment, or both) when they have at least one same-race teacher."

-David Figlio (Dean for the School of Education and Social Policy at Northwestern University.)

The problem for our students:

  • Black students are disproportionately suspended at the highest rates.
  • Black & Latinx students have the lowest four-year high school graduation rates.
  • Black & Latinx students have the lowest standardized testing scores.

The Disproportionality of Disciplinary Action by Race/Ethnicity: DCPS & PCS


2019 Four-Year Cohort Graduation Rate by Race/Ethnicity: DCPS & PCS


State Standardized Assessment Results: PARCC (2018 - 19)




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